Lauren Goodger sex tape


Lauren Goodger sex tape

Lauren Goodger has said she feels “betrayed” after a video clip of her engaged in a sex act was shared with hundreds of people.

The former The Only Way Is Essex cast member told that ex-BF Jake McLean had been apologising to her after the footage went viral on mobile phones.
She said: “I was horrified to discover that people I knew had seen the footage. I have been betrayed. I have got no control over the situation I am in.”

“It is mortifying and humiliating. I feel powerless. I have confronted him about it but I haven’t got anywhere. He has been texting me saying he is sorry. I feel betrayed and embarrassed although I haven’t done anything wrong or illegal.”

And a source told the paper: “She is furious it has been sent to so many people. It was a private moment and was never intended to be seen by anybody else.

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