DJ Basshunter Sex Tape


DJ Basshunter Sex Tape

Another day, another male celebrity sex scandal. This time it’s Swedish meatball Jonas Altberg, more known to his fans as the record-scratching DJ Basshunter. This time though, he’s not scratching out tunes but an itch in the dick area, using a hot European slut’s cunt to rub it off.

I hear this set of leaked pictures of DJ Basshunter having hot sex is the result of an ecstasy-fueled night with the hot slut, and you know hitting that kind of shit up with a willing hottie ends up in a sex romp filled with hot, sweaty cocksucking, pussy pounding, and cum harvesting that ends up an all-nighter.

We should thank Basshunter for these hot pictures too, because now we know which chick to hook up with if ever wanted a night of hot, European-style sex. Just look for the girl with the dragon tattoo on her crotch and stick your Swedish meatballs right up in there! DJ Basshunter certainly did in his steamy sex photos, so you should too!

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